The brewery with the wide range! Hornbeer is a family-owned farm brewery, situated in the beautiful Hornsherred, Denmark. Started by Jørgen Fogh Rasmussen and his wife Gunhild in 2008.
All development of recipes, brewing, taping and handling takes place at the farm brewery. The labels are designed by Gunhild, who also has a gallery at the brewery.
We really like beer, and therefore brew many different, but only beer we like. Maybe beer with a little edge. But not without always seeking full balance and harmony in the taste experience. Hornbeer is an experimental brewery with everything from sour fruit beer and cider wheat, pilsner, wiener, ipa, bock, smoked beer, belgian ale, triple, porter and stout. All beers are brewed from old craft traditions, with only the best ingredients, and where the beer is unpasteurized and unfiltered. This gives a unique and full flavor experience.
A large part of the range is brewed ecologically, and with the use of solar and geothermal energy, Hornbeer tries to be a sustainable and resource economic brewery.

Imperial IPA september 2015.jpg
Hophorn Etikette, dansk feb 2014.jpg
The Fundamental Blackhorn, januar 2015 125 dpi.jpg
Black Magic Woman juni 2015.jpg