AMA is a transatlantic brewing project that carries
the signature of the Amarcord Brewery. 

Born 1997 in the historical Italian city of Rimini, the brewery Birra Amarcord is owned and operated by two generations of the Bagli family. Beginning in 268 B.C as a Roman colony, Rimini is known for its beaches, nightlife and summer fun. A city full of history and culture. Celebrated movie director Federico Fellini was born in Rimini in 1920. Rimini always played an important role for Fellini, often telling its stories, idealizing its beauty, and transfiguring the city into his masterpieces. Fellini's Rimini is an idea, a feeling, a gesture of the spirit of easy-going and irreverent. Amarcord, the fourth Academy Award in Fellini’s career, is the film which best represents the director’s vision. Romagna for "I remember", the name of the brewery is a tribute to Fellini, to the land of Romagna and to the meaning of the one word, Amarcord. As small children, the founders of Birra Amarcord met Fellini while he was working on the screen play Amarcord. The spirit of Fellini and Amarcord is inherent in all the various artists who have appeared in this adventure.

Italy's largest craft brewery.